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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Play Money on Fresh Air, Today  
Yes, that Fresh Air. The "Oprah" of audio. The World According to Terry Gross. Valhalla and Elysium and Disneyworld for every midlist author who ever dreamed that one day a nation of traffic-jammed commuters and syrah-sipping veggie-choppers would know his name and maybe even how to pronounce it.

I taped the interview two weeks ago and was assured it would be airing soon, but you never know. Many a slip between the cup and the lip and all that, and as my chat was not with Terry herself but with a pinch hitter whose name I'd never heard before (the able and likeable David Davies) I began to fear the whole thing was a hoax concocted by any of several people I wouldn't put it past. But it was no joke, and today's the day. Tune your radio to the local NPR station or point your browser right here and you will hear me waxing thoughtful, intimate, and heavily edited on the topic of Play Money and the lessons learned. Myself, I think I'll pass. The trauma of seeing myself wax adenoidal, pricklike, and easily caricatured on Attack of the Show the other week is still fresh. And besides, today I do whatever the hell I want, for my work on Earth is done.

I'd like to thank God, my agent, and Richard Garriott for making this moment possible.

3:27 PM

Friday, November 10, 2006

Holiday Book Bash, Chicago, next Thursday  
Sure, everybody on Earth has heard of the Chicago Headline Club Foundation and its inspirational efforts to promote journalism literacy in the Chicago area through scholarships, intern subsidies, and the like -- but did you know that the Chicago Headline Club Foundation is also some kind of top-secret think tank for, like, Einstein-grade philanthropic geniuses? Sounds far-fetched, I know, but here's proof: Their annual Holiday Book Bash, a high-powered scholarship-funding operation disguised as a rocking good party, complete with tasty food, bewitching drink, and more than two dozen Chicago authors on hand to attend to your every book-signing need. Let me run that by you again: This is an actual party, where people are having actual fun, except that at the same time, and without even quite realizing it, they are helping to bankroll the foundation's charitable activities. This radical innovation is called a "fund-raiser," I'm told, and if you'd like to see it in action, you're in luck. This year you've got a man on the inside: Yours Truly, who will be there to sign copies of Play Money and haunt the open bar. Just show up next Thursday between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. at Galleria Marchetti, 825 West Erie Street in Chicago and mention my name at the door. Oh, and if you actually want to get in, I'd suggest buying a ticket too.

Don't live anywhere near Chicago? Can't bear missing a chance to see me overexpose myself in desperate pursuit of book sales? We've got you covered. Here's me on last week's Attack of the Show, the G4 gaming channel's weeknightly news roundup, "debating" the ethics of gold farming with PC Gamer editor-in-chief and notorious farmer hater Greg Vederman. Please ignore whatever insidious voice filter they plugged in to the feed to make me sound like Tommy Chong on helium. Do let me know if you can make out the words "Will work for L$" on my T-shirt, which I made a point of wearing because, you know, Second Life just doesn't get enough publicity these days. Above all, enjoy!

5:23 AM

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